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We specialize in targeted outsourcing, shared service and client oriented services. For many years we backed up our partners with our resources and know-how. They appreciated the attention with which we approach the given job as well as the reaction time.

We are located in Poznań – the city of great opportunities. Many universities with a broad spectrum of specializations gives a great source of specialists, analysts and operators. Our goal is to pair the given task with the right person. Based on the job description given by client we search for the right candidate. Finding the person includes not only the gathering applications and doing an interview but above all we put a lot of effort in verification and evaluation of their skills.

What we care about the most (except getting the job done) is to "solve the problem" that goes with the task and improve all processes involved.

In short - Your problem is our job and its improvement - our challenge.



  • Business Processes Outsourcing
  • Data entry
  • Database analyzing
  • Database filling
  • Data verification
  • Document scanning
  • Software development
    (php, java, C++, MySQL, Android, FB


  • Cost effective
  • Wide range of services
  • In-depth knowledge
  • The ability to quickly adapt and scale
  • Advanced control systems and security
  • Ready procedures and documents
  • Know-how enabling maximize the effectiveness of
  • Stable cooperation and strong support



The representative of the German industrial automation company reported to us as one of the tasks , which his department they dealt with consumes too much time and therefore his recourses were used inefficiently.
Although the task was simple it required specific skills and knowledge. The task was to update the database of electrical components . Client uses this database in the production process as the a database contains the characteristics of all parts used. All the essential information must be gradually added to the components in the database.
Client basic requirements for the project:

  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of the process
  • Lowering or maintaining the current costs level
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality (as the data quality is important for production processes)
  • Short process of task and duties transfer.

Taking full advantage of internet contact we managed to prepare an offer, negotiate and prepare contact basing on email and Skype. The customer was very surprised with a flash-response time. After setting price, identifying customer needs and determining the skills required from operators and analysts we proceeded to recruitment process. We were able to quickly find and test a few interesting candidates to eventually emerge the winner and presented to the customer for approval. The customer commended our efforts and was amazed because the candidate fully corresponded to their needs. The next step was training. Due to the nature of the task the client decided to come and train operator on site. As training went smoothly a few days later operator took up the task. The operator remains in constant contact via Skype and email reporting progress or explaining all uncertainties. So far, the customer is satisfied with the cooperation and consider its expanding.


Our company was recommended to the international company engaged in the building of online database of license agreements. Continuous development of the database is crucial to the development of the company therefore it puts a lot of effort in it. So far the company outsourced these services in India, however, due to the frequent quality problems task management was time consuming. Indian analysts were not self-reliant, and when getting more complex cases stopped work or made mistakes. Such action was ineffective and constantly errors correction caused many problems.

We were aware that the cost of our services will be higher than in India so we focused on finding the best candidates within first degree studies graduates. After several interviews and test we have proposed a client two candidates. The customer had the opportunity to talk to them via Skype before making a final decision. "If only I could - I hired them both at once. Good job!" this is the feedback we got. In the end the client decided to run the task with one analyst but within a short time extended on another two analysts. Currently all three are working on the task as a team. All problematic issues are explained by the team leader with the client. The customer is happy because, although the final cost is higher than in India, our team is much more cost-effective, self-reliant and communicative. The task is not as involving for client’s own stuff. That's the way it should be when you outsource the processes.


We treat each case individually. We are always ready to help and solve problems no matter what kind of task is put before us by the customer. Our customers appreciate us, so we are happy to share a few (of many) references.




Our website may not be enough to get acquainted with our services.
If you have any questions or concerns, if you want to see if we can help you improve,
feel free to contact our New Business Manager (speaks English).

Wojciech Jachowski

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